Wordpress website development | Octotel


Clean, fresh Wordpress web development with mapping and map searching capabilities.

Octotel is fibre to the home service provider. We were tasked with building a new, fresh, user friendly site which utilised a maps to show their coverage areas and allowed users to search if they are within an area covered by them.

I used google maps API for this project. They import their coverage areas from some GIS system (or they can manually create them in the admin area by clicking points on a map to create a coverage area). Each area has a status, ready, rolling out or planned. Those are represented by different colours on the map.

When a user searches it must inform them of the result but also allow them to either fill in an order form, or a preorder form if the service is not yet ready in their area.

If the area is covered by them it redirects to a results page with a listing of available fibre packages from various providers.