Web based and intranet app to connect RFID readers on the mines to a central server as well as intranet servers

RF Tags is a company involved in tracking movement of materials in mines around Southern Africa. They do so by placing RFID tags into the material underground and then tracking it over the conveyor belts as the material moves through the process.
The client’s goals are to identify “cross tramming”, ie, is waste being put through the processing plant or is ore being dumped to waste.
This project involved two aspects:
a) Writing the embedded micro controller code (in C).
b) Writing 2 web apps. One web app runs locally on the mine’s intranet. Each RFID reader in the mine connects to this app to dump its data. This web app also provides a client interface for generating reports, etc.
The second web app is the RF Tags web app which collects aggregate data from each of the mines and provides diagnostic and system monitoring capabilities (email and SMS notifications on certain events). This was a highly successful project to the mines (as their previous methods were manual and very inefficient) as well as to RF Tags who are able to reduce visits to the mines given the diagnostic, monitoring and basic command issuing via email or SMS. l