Spam Trap for Contact Form 7

Spam Trap for Contact Form 7

This plugin adds spam checks to catch contact form 7 spam. It does so in the background without annoying your legitimate users with captchas.

It adds a hidden field to the your contact form 7 form and then checks when a contact form 7 is submitted for that field. If its not present, or its filled in, then we can be sure that it was a bot of some sort.

It also adds the ability to check for links in the your-message field (assuming you used it) and if there are more than n links (where n is configurable in the admin area) then it also assumes its spam.

It also allows you to turn on / off email notices of blocked spam or legitimate message. This should be off under normal circumstances but its nice to test with initially to see that it works!

Download the plugin here.


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