How to set up an nginx web server in 3 easy steps

How to set up an nginx web server in 3 easy steps

In case you’re wondering how to set up an Nginx web server with PHP 7.2, mail, web mail, FTP, built in optimisation and built in security, you’re in luck. I’m going to show you exactly how its done.. And its easier than you think.

1. Get a server:

What I use for SoftSmart is an Ex42 line from Hetzner Germany. Its a generous server with SSDs with Nvme, 64Gb Ram and unlimited traffic. They also offer cloud hosting at amazing prizes.

Order your server or cloud server (minimum 4 Gb Ram) and install Ubuntu 18.04 on it.

2. Get a domain name:

You’ll need a domain name for which I use NameCheap for anything that’s not a For I use ZA Domains.

3. Get Web Hosting Control Panel Software

Head on over to and get a free license for their Web Hosting Control Panel. Installation is super simple. Essentially you SSH into your new Ubuntu server and type:

cd /tmp && wget && chmod 755 && ./ && rm -fr /tmp/

Follow a few prompts and your done!


You’ll now have a full featured web server running nginx and php7.2. It comes with a firewall, email management, etc etc and requires very very little server experience (the only server experience you need is being able to ssh in and type the one liner above).



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